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October 21, 2021

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Paper problems: Your path to a paperless workplace.

Do you hate paper? Join the club.  Rummaging through filing cabinets, folders, or paper piles, searching for the documents you need is a complete drag. If you have spent any amount of time dealing with paper records, chances are you’ve found yourself staring blankly into a filing cabinet drawer with dread, because the document you needed is nowhere in sight.  No matter how organized you think your files are, storing and accessing your data on paper is incredibly inefficient at best, and at worst, it’s a security risk that puts your sensitive customer data at risk of theft or loss. The truth is, paper is an outdated format. Sure, it has its occasional benefits, it’s a simple, tried and true method with a low bar to entry, and it’s business as usual.  But what if business as usual isn’t the best way? Would you trade your paper based record keeping system with a modern document management system if the process was affordable, fast, and simple?  Thankfully, the low costs of digital storage and high availability of document management software finally makes the dream of digital efficiency a reality for any business, of any size, in any industry.  But how do […] read more
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