The field of child psychology is just one of the many branches of psychology as well as being one of the more popular areas of study. It is oftentimes referred to as developmental psychology as it deals with younger males and females during their development years from the prenatal stage up to and including adolescence. The field not only focuses on how the child grows physically but also emotionally, mentally, and socially. But what do you do if you feel that your child is having difficulties and problems in any of these areas? What do you do? Psychological resources and services are available but depending on the severity of their issues, finding a child psychologist may be your only option. These professionals are well-educated and experienced in the field of child psychology in order to deal with exactly what your concerns are with your son or daughter. There are several considerations and steps that you can take in order to find the right professional who is skilled in the field of child psychology while effectively addressing and treating the issues the child is having. These include: The reasons for getting your child into therapy – is this a school-related issue […] read more