Summer can mean many things for many different people. While some people may pack their bags and head over to tour the world the entire season, others may find themselves, along with their kids, at home a lot more than during the rest of the year. With the constant back and forth between the outdoors and your home and the daytime hours filled with plenty of eating, play, and hosting, your home can get messier faster than you think. We’ve put together 5 summer house cleaning tips to keep control of the clutter and the dirt. 1. Bathroom – With so many moments where you are going from the pool or beach straight to the shower, it only takes a few trips for it to start looking pretty grimy. Grab a sponge and give your bathtub or shower a quick wipe down before the grime sets in and it’s more of an effort (and a chore!) to clean. Swish a brush around the toilet bowl daily and wipe your mirrors with a finely woven microfiber cloth, which won’t leave streaks or lint! 2. Kitchen – The heart of the home! This place can get super messy super fast with all the action it gets. Give […] read more