When we want to enjoy a bite of sushi, but we don’t have time or we don’t have someone to go to our favorite restaurant with. “Sushisiniestros” delivers us to the door in just 30 minutes   The story of how it all began At Sushisiniestros, we want to satisfy your Sushi craving. However, unlike our peers who enjoy having access to sushi everywhere they go. We’re a new and unique experience to enjoying Sushi and we thought it was about time to put a reminder to everyone that there’s more than just the sushi restaurants, a world beyond is out there that can serve sushi with flair. After a month of researching and planning, we’ve come up with something to introduce to everyone who has dreamed of enjoying sushi with flair for themselves! The two original Sushisiniestros, SushiMisa and Tasia, came up with the idea of this new experience of “Sushi in 30 minutes”. These two said that being born in Sweden, we got the opportunity to meet and live our lives in a variety of cultures.   Why Sushisiniestros? (a) Completes the art of sushi delivery (b) All delivery is made in under 30 minutes (c) “Wanna” sushi, […] read more