If you’re beginning your spiritual journey I just want you to know that no matter who you’re watching and no matter how enlightened they seem to be, I guarantee you they have some regular ass weeks where they just act like a normal person that’s never heard of spirituality and soul at all and number three I don’t remember my points but I‘m saying this like this Article which is about your spiritual journey where to start and of course just some reassurance that we all have to start somewhere so I‘m going to start by telling you my brief little history with spirituality, because there was a time that I was not in tune at all I was very very shallow I was very out of alignment I didn’t I was negative I was so negative I was Mean I was just I like hated myself I‘m being honest I did not like myself at all now I‘m working on self-love I know that I do love myself only even now I am wearing couple bracelets that my boyfriend gave me,but I just have so much more to love I think my issue right now is that I haven’t accepted myself for who I am, I haven’t accepted my flaws I haven’t made peace with them and I‘m working through that but like again we’re not all these like spiritually enlightened perfect people.   I‘m not saying you guys think that I am at all I‘m just saying that I know what it’s like to […] read more