When we want to enjoy a bite of sushi, but we don’t have time or we don’t have someone to go to our favorite restaurant with. “Sushisiniestros” delivers us to the door in just 30 minutes


The story of how it all began

At Sushisiniestros, we want to satisfy your Sushi craving. However, unlike our peers who enjoy having access to sushi everywhere they go. We’re a new and unique experience to enjoying Sushi and we thought it was about time to put a reminder to everyone that there’s more than just the sushi restaurants, a world beyond is out there that can serve sushi with flair. After a month of researching and planning, we’ve come up with something to introduce to everyone who has dreamed of enjoying sushi with flair for themselves! The two original Sushisiniestros, SushiMisa and Tasia, came up with the idea of this new experience of “Sushi in 30 minutes”. These two said that being born in Sweden, we got the opportunity to meet and live our lives in a variety of cultures.


Why Sushisiniestros?

(a) Completes the art of sushi delivery (b) All delivery is made in under 30 minutes (c) “Wanna” sushi, (which contains a photo of the item we’re ordering) for you to try before you order! (d) Service is personalized to your delivery location, giving you the best restaurant selection available. What are the rewards? (a) Delivery on specific days (b) “Sushi Award” which provides you exclusive discounts for future purchase on Sushisiniestros (c) “Wanna” sushi (in exchange for your photo) (d) Delivery on your birthday!


How the service works

Once you fill out the questionnaire, Sushisiniestros makes a selection of your custom order. Within a day, your delicious sushi rolls arrive at your door. The taste At Sushisiniestros, we are extremely proud to offer the best sushi experience available. Every order is prepared on the sushi expertly with fresh, quality ingredients. Made to order. Simply choose from the amazing variety of Chef’s specialties on our website and let us do the rest! A personal touch is always welcomed Since the main attraction of sushi is the taste, and we know that most people are extremely busy, Sushisiniestros offers a special delivery system. Simply order from your favorite chef of sushi, and you can choose a custom order.


What kind of meals are available?

What sets us apart is our custom blend of Japanese sashimi and nigiri. We only use fresh fish caught in pristine waters, nothing frozen or pasteurized. We buy the freshest fish that is fresh off the boat and delivered right to you. Our sashimi is an authentic preparation of the freshest and highest quality fish that allows you to enjoy the lightest fish of Japanese sushi at its freshest state. We never use canned fish or any preservatives to preserve or flavor. Our sashimi is fish that is fresh from our very own sources. We are not only Japan’s first sashimi delivery service, we also launched Japan’s first sushi range and also came up with the world’s first frozen sushi product. How is Sushisiniestros different from other food delivery services?


What can you expect when ordering?

3 ways to make sushi-style rolls: traditional roll Yaki roll hotate roll yakisoba roll Sheet Dishes- Sheet Dishes are specially prepared in sheets of about 80 servings. In every box, there are 5 different dishes. We put a green onion in each. What are the ingredients in the dishes?



Every day, Sushisiniestros continues to be the best brand that provides customers the quality sushi they desire, at prices that are affordable. Some of the customer reviews of Sushisiniestros are as follows: “The sushi is amazing, the presentation is beautiful, and the sushi is delicious.” “The Sushisiniestros sushi delivery service is the best I have had in the whole wide world.” “Their Sushi delivery service is the most delicious I have ever had.” “Sushisiniestros sushi is the best sushi delivery service around.” To know more about Sushisiniestros, simply go to http://www.sushisiniestros.cl