Are you a victim of a car accident and need a lawyer?

A car accident lawyer is necessary if your accident was more serious than a minor bump.

Are you likely to be liable for future medical costs? Do you have any evidence of a loss? Is the settlement offered by insurance too low? Are you concerned or unsure about Indiana’s statute of limitations?

You should consult an attorney if your case isn’t straightforward and you don’t want to do any damage to your claim.

These 5 reasons you should hire a personal injuries attorney are enough to convince you.


Knowing how to handle a car accident is not enough. When you file a personal injury lawsuit, or an insurance claim, you must be aware of your rights and the extent of the damages.

You could be eligible for compensations for medical expenses and disability. They may owe you compensation if you are permanently incapacitated.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you determine the value of your mental and physical injuries. You might not be accurate when you estimate the amount.


It is unlikely that you will know all of the laws applicable to your particular situation.

With the experience of a car accident lawyer, they can establish which factors are relevant to your case, as well as provide a thorough understanding of those laws and how the local court system interprets them.

You won’t waste your time researching.

When it comes to suing, expect a lot of paperwork. It is important to know what documents to file, how they should be formatted, how to cite legal precedents, and what evidence is admissible. This is a very difficult task and you only have a limited amount of time.

A good lawyer will help you navigate a complex lawsuit.


The insurer may deny your claim in many ways, especially if you are deemed to be at fault.

An attorney can help you understand the information that will increase your chances of approval for both first-party and third-party claims. A lawyer can appeal a denial of your claim and fight for your rights to recovery.

The insurance company may offer a monetary settlement to settle your claim quickly and prevent you from being sued. This may not always be fair.

An experienced car accident lawyer can tell when offers are too low or how to negotiate for a higher amount.


Although filing a case is not easy, proving your case will be. Rules and formalities may limit the questions that you can ask and the evidence you can present.

It may take extensive legal research to convince the court and jury that you are right. Proving personal injury liability can be extremely difficult.

If your case is taken to court, you will need the expertise and aggressive representation of an experienced car insurance lawyer.


What happens if you fail to file suit in time? What happens if you fail to address the correct defendant for the right damages. What about the possibility of losing your case because you have provided incorrect information?

This will mean that you have lost your chance at a full recovery. You can’t sue again. You will not receive compensation for your injuries and you will be responsible for all costs and fees incurred by others for an accident that was caused.

This can be avoided by hiring a car accident lawyer.