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October 21, 2021

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Stand in Your Power

Lead With Passion – Executive Coaching Toronto “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” – John Maxwell Many people aspire to become a leader but most do not understand that leadership is way harder than it seems. There are no instructions or manual that comes with it, nor is there a guide that you can use to find your way through. Sure, there are plenty of podcasts, books, blogs and more, but at the end, it comes down to each individual, their leadership style and the environment they are in. It may seem obvious, but leaders have more responsibilities than meets the eye, and the stress of having to make decisions that will potentially affect others’ lives isn’t an easy place to be in. The constant pressure will get to the best of the leaders, but the show must go on through fears, apprehensions and other challenges. “The biggest mistake you could make is being too afraid to make one.” Elbert Hubbard When you are addressing a team or a group, talking about a problem that you have to resolve, it is normal to have a bit of your nerves acting up. But […] read more
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Personal branding Singapore

You can build a personal brand  here in Singapore in virtually any field. Based on spiritual intelligence (SQ), the “Become a Blue Ocean” program educates on the spiritual part of personal branding, which can be summed up in one phrase: “personal power”. Personal brand A personal brand is not just the right pose for a business portrait, an impeccably crafted image, or a well-communicated message on social media. A personal brand is an inner power that radiates a unique life experience and mission. William C. Durant, founder of the global giant General Motors, once said that every company emits the energy of its founder. No matter how huge a company is and how many people it employs, the spirit of the person from whose ideas and activities that business was born is always perceptible as the primary source of energy. This approach is even more acutely felt and applicable when it comes to a personal brand, because in this case, hiding behind the team is not even an option. The energy radiated by the message that your personal brand broadcasts is clearly sensed and felt by market participants. Parts of the personal brand Personal branding consists of several parts: technical, emotional […] read more
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