If your company offers pressure washing services there are plenty of additional services you can provide your customers in addition to your existing services. This will help increase your profits by creating additional income streams. There are several products that can complement the services you offer and by adding either one of the services to your current list, you could generate additional revenue and generate more profit. Pressure Washing

  • sealing & Protective Coatings – After cleaning a customer’s concrete driveway or garage floor, sidewalk or whatever else it’s the ideal moment to apply an anti-slip coating or sealer to the surface. Sealers come in two primary kinds, permanent or penetrating sealers as well as barriers or surface sealers with a shorter duration, yet are much more affordable. With a little knowledge about the various types of sealers as well as the roles they serve it is possible to provide the services of sealing to clients. Sealers protect surfaces from stains that may occur in the future, they aid in future cleaning and so they are less expensive. Sealers and protective coatings may extend the lifespan of a surface. Sealing is likely to be the most beneficial of all the services you can offer your pressure-washing business.
  • Graffiti Removal and Graffiti Removal & Anti Graffiti Coatings to remove graffiti from most surfaces such as brickwork , and other masonry, you must make use of pressure washers that includes chemical graffiti removers. If you already have the pressure washer. why not offer the graffiti-removing services. Graffiti removal can be advantageous because customers are more likely to use your services frequently and will more frequently become repeat clients. Graffiti removal could be extremely profitable too, as it’s more specialized and requires specific knowledge. Similar to sealers, anti graffiti coatings can help in removing or cleaning graffiti simpler, quicker and, consequently, more expensive. Anti graffiti coatings are available in two types: non-sacrificial and sacrificial. Sacrificial coatings will be destroyed at the end of each removal procedure and will therefore need to be re-applied, whereas non-sacrificial coatings are not sacrificed in every removal procedure and will remain intact throughout the removal process and many years prior to when it is time to apply a new coat.
  • Window cleaning Similar to window cleaning, graffiti removal customers will be using your services more frequently and more likely to return clients. In the field of pressure washing the majority of your customers tend to only utilize your services twice every two years or less. So to build a solid clients who utilize your services multiple times every year is a huge boost to your profit margin every year.

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