A relaxing massage can help ease tension however it’s not the only thing. Learn about the advantages and risks to health of massage therapy. Also, what you can anticipate. Lændesmerte (low back pain)

Massage therapy is no longer accessible exclusively through spas that are luxurious and health clubs with a high-end design. Nowadays, massage therapy is available in clinics, businesses as well as hospitals and airports. If you’ve not tried massage before take a look at the advantages of massage therapy and what you can expect from the massage therapy session.

The term “massage” is used that refers to pressing, rubbing and manipulating your muscles, skin as well as ligaments and tendons. Therapists generally utilize their hands and fingers to massage, however they can also employ their forearms, elbows, and even feet. Massage could range from gentle strokes to more intense pressure techniques.

There are numerous different kinds of massages, which include the most common ones:

* Swedish massage. It is a relaxing form of massage that involves the long-stroke technique, as well as kneading long circular motions, vibrating and tapping to ease and relax you.

* Deep-tissue massage. This technique employs slow, more powerful strokes that target the muscle’s deeper layers and connective tissue. It is used primarily to treat muscle injuries caused by injuries.

* Massage for sports. It is like Swedish massage, however it is targeted towards those who participate in sports activities, to avoid or treat injuries.

* Trigger point massage. The focus is on trigger points, or the sensitive regions of muscle fibers that are tight which can develop in your muscles due to injuries or excessive use.

Benefits of massage

The benefits are generally thought of as a an element of alternative and complementary medical practices. It’s now being offered in conjunction with conventional treatment for a range of medical issues and conditions.

Although more research is required to verify the benefits certain studies have shown massage to be beneficial for

* Relaxation
* Management of depression and anxiety
* Pain
* Stiffness
* Control of blood pressure
* Infant growth
* Injuries resulting from sports
* Enhancing immunity
* Treatment for cancer

Beyond the benefits that massage can bring to particular diseases or conditions Some people also enjoy massage due to the fact that it can bring about the feeling of comfort, care as well as a feeling of confidence and establishing deep bonds to their massage professional.

Although it has many positive effects, massage shouldn’t be used as a substitute for regular medical treatment. Inform your doctor that you’re considering massage, and make certain to adhere to any prescribed treatment regimens you’ve got.

The dangers of massage

It’s generally safe so provided it’s performed by a certified massage professional. However, massage isn’t suitable for all. Talk to your physician first in the event of:

* Pain that is not explained or other signs
• Burns, open wounds
* Cancer
* Blood clots
* Fragments
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Extreme osteoporosis
* Pregnancy

Certain types of massage can cause you to feel a little uncomfortable the following day. Massage shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable. If any area of your massage does not feel good or feels painful immediately, you should speak to a professional. The most severe problems are caused by excessive pressure during massage.

In some rare instances massage may cause:

* Internal bleeding
* Nerve damage
* Temporary paralysis
* Allergies to lotions or oils for massage

What to expect during the massage

There is no special preparations to get massage. Before you begin a therapy session the therapist will ask your about any complaints or medical conditions you’ve had and what you hope to achieve from massage. Your therapist must be able to explain the kind of massage and the techniques they will employ.