A breast reduction surgery can be preformed on both men and women with excessive breast tissue.

A female breast reduction is ideal for women with large, sagging breasts which are uncomfortable and interfere with one’s life style. Large breasts could be painful, unhealthy, cause upper back, neck and shoulder pain. In addition, large breast tissue could cause hand numbness, reduce nipple sensation and restrict certain activities such as exercise.

Some men have deposits of excess breast tissue and fat in their breasts, giving them a feminine look. Studies show that 30% to 60% of adult men will develop a condition called male gynecomastia, or excessive growth of breast tissue, over the course of their lives. While sometimes related to medicines or a hormonal imbalance, these inciting causes are not often found to be a factor. Most cases are a matter of bad luck! Having excess breast tissue may be embarrassing to men and could also cause pain and discomfort of the chest.

Most breast reduction procedures for men or women maybe covered by medical insurance.

The Straight Facts on Surgery

With all said, here are a few commonly asked questions about breast reduction surgery:

Is breast reduction procedure for me?

During a consultation with a Plastics Surgeon at Beverly Hills Physicians [http://www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com/plastic/plastic-and-cosmetic-surgeons.php], you have the chance to discuss the goals and expectations of the surgery. The surgeon will assess your breast and body contour and will discuss the outcome of your procedure.

What is the breast reduction surgery like?

The procedure is performed at an outpatient surgical facility. The procedure typically takes just over two hours for male breast reduction and about four hours for female breast reduction to perform. Most patients recover within 1 to 2 hours after surgery and are discharged home.

What is the recovery from breast fat graft Sydney surgery like?