Your appearance and grooming have always been a major concern for a lot of people but never more than in the present highly competitive world in which we are living. Most people are dissatisfied with how they appear and are constantly looking for ways to enhance their appearance. This is especially true with hair. Your hair is a visible feature and its styling is an essential aspect of fashion. This is perhaps the reason why hair weaves are very popular among males and females. hair weave

Balding can be caused by many factors, including medications, genetics, and illness, hormonal imbalance, and stress. Men and women who are bald feel embarrassed and self-conscious, and believe they appear older than they actually are. 1. Women everywhere wear weaves! Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and any other ethnicity you can think bundles with closure

Prior to the time, the sole method to cover up baldness was unfitting hair pieces or wigs. They were usually poorly-made and looked unnatural and weren’t always safe. A lot of comedy sketches were based on this notion, which surely did not boost the confidence of people who are balding as well as women. Extensions were first introduced around fifty years ago, and have been worn successfully by women ever since. But, they are temporary, and there was an urgent need for a permanent way to get more hair to cover gaps, adding volume, and adding special effects to hairstyles.

What is a hair weave? The trend of weaving has grown in popularity for both men and women of all ages and styles. In essence, it is the process of affixing human or synthetic hair with the clients natural hair by braiding or weaving it into natural hair. There are many methods to weave, which include weaving on a cornrowed piece of natural hair, or onto tiny strands of hair or gluing the hair onto the natural hair in smaller segments at a given time, and hand-weaving it into the small mesh “cap” which is connected on the head or natural hair.

Where does hair used to weave, originate? The most human hair is of hair from the Asian nations that include China and India in which women are specifically growing it to sell. Hair can be processed to create different textures that are classified based on the hair type it is similar to like – European, Indian, American, Brazilian hair etc. Human hair is also dyed to match common shades like brown, black or auburn or even fashion shades like green, pink or purple.

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