Ergonomic computer setup can make a huge difference to the occurrence of a wide variety of musculoskeletal and myofascial pain conditions. Neck, Ergonomic computer setup  shoulder and back pain are all to common from prolonged computer use and more so with a poor setup. Large companies often have occupational health specialities that helps assess and provided ergonomic computer setups as part of health and safety legislation. However, small businesses, home workers and students may not have access to such resources or computer setup expertises.


Creating an ergonomic computer setup for a computer or laptop is not hugely difficult and can be achieved with little specialist equipment. Having an external keyboard and mouse or trackpad are a key aspect of creating a good ergonomic setup. A poor computer setup can often lead to issues including eye-strain, headaches, and MSK pain.


A good computer setup involves more than just the ergonomics aspects of the setup. Self-help is also important, such as taking regular breaks and staying hydrated. Equally, stretching tissues that are being overworked can help. General levels of fitness can also help with how quickly tissue fatigue while working at a computer or laptop. Having a good computer setup will not necessarily stop MSK related problems on its own, though can make a huge difference on how quickly tissues fatigue.