You cannot argue with smokers that they use cigarettes to ease out their anxiety and depression. But the real truth is that quitting smoking makes people happier.

Quite a few studies and research are going on to prove this fact. In a new study, researchers shortlisted few people who were trying to quit and tracked their nature of depression. It showed that they were quite happy when they do not follow their smoking habit.

It was recommended that smokers should embrace quitting to improve their mental and physical health. It was believed that cigarettes have an antidepressant properties and by quitting it, one has to again combat with depressive mood. But surprisingly, people who quit smoking even for small duration reported far less symptoms of depression.

A new study done recently with a group of 236 men and women seeking to quit smoking is the main highlight which authenticate the fact of happy mood for quitters.

Researchers helped all the participants with counseling on quitting, nicotine patches and few of them were also given advice to refrain themselves from drinking as it enhances craving for smoke. They planned to took depression test a week before and then on week two, eight, 16 and 28 weeks after quit disposable.

You might have guessed, not all succeeded on quitting, in fact 99 subjects never abstained, 44 of them refrained only for two weeks, 33 survived smoke free life between week 2 to week 8 checkup and 33 remaining lot stopped smoking for entire study length.

Did you know, who were the ones researchers felt sorry for? Subjects who quit temporarily. Their moods were really brightest when they refrained themselves from smoking. But as they started smoke, their mood darkened, high level of sadness, signs of depression were exhibited by them.

Subjects who quit and stuck to their resolution were the happiest to begin with and showed same signs of happiness over the entire period of study. The ones who never quit remained the unhappiest lot.