Internet access via smartphone and computer has opened up many opportunities for long-distance partners to maintain intimate relationships, including sexual intimacy. This is vital, as sexual health is essential for both the well-being and longevity of any relationship. Partners can have fun with one another from far away, whether they are sexting or Snapchatting. These forms of long-distance intimacy can be very powerful, but technology has made it easier for people to enjoy one another more directly, which fosters closer relationships between spread-out lovers. These sex toys are great for anyone who lives far from their partner.


This set of his-and-hers toys is truly a marvel in the modern world. It includes the Nora, a dildo that has a clitoral stimulator, and Max, which is a masturbation sleeve. An app acts as a remote control for the toys. The Nora Dildo is equipped with rotating beads and a vibrating arm that can be controlled from the outside. The Max Sleeve has an air pump that contracts to simulate vaginal contractions. It vibrates and can also be controlled for speed and vibration.

Although partners can control their toys individually, the real magic of the Lovense set is in the ability to interact with each other via the app. This means that Max vibrates and contracts faster when Nora cranks up the vibration/rotating beads of her Nora. The toys’ interactivity allows long-distance partners to have sex as close as possible. It will cost between $200 and $400, which is not too expensive but maybe worth the investment for long-distance partners who don’t get to see each other often.


It is not a toy for both men and women, since only one stimulant toy is involved. However, the control it provides the man can make it very stimulating for him. The Vibease vibrator is a wearable clitoral vibrational or that can be worn inside the panty of a woman. She can use it at home, in the house, or out and about depending on her daring. A mobile app allows the man to activate the vibrator from anywhere and change its speed. Anytime.

Couples who have a Vibease toy need to talk about ground rules. When will she wear it? What is the importance of the element of surprise? Is there a time limit? These questions will help ensure that you have a great experience, without it coming at the wrong time. Depending on the availability of this toy, it will cost partners between $90-$120.

Clone a Willy

Sometimes, a woman desires a specific penis within her body. If the man who has that penis is far away from her, it might feel just as good. She can now get very close. The kit includes a mold gel and silicone to create a detailed mold. The final product is very similar to real skin. Clone a Pussy also exists, but this only clones an outer layer (vulva), and is not intended to be used for sex. These kits cost less than $40 each.